Why Swing Odin?


We feel that we offer the best price on the market in terms of “price to product” value to the caliber of bat, compared to comparable products on the market. In terms of “single piece wood bats,” the pricing offered by Odin Lumber is ELITE to those on the market.


With many different models and cuts to choose from, Odin Lumber provides the very best performance you can get on the market. With LOUD Pop, Comfortable Feel, and an Aggressive Sweet Spot, Odin Lumber’s performance ranks right up there with the biggest brands on the market. Raise your Batting Average and OPS by using Odin Lumber!


Some of the hardest wood on the market with lab-tested and industry-approved clear-coat finishes, you can not only feel confident but also reliable that Odin Lumber is going to give you the very best performance on the market. Along with our 30-Day Return Policy, we stand firmly behind our product and know you will too.


At Odin Lumber there is nothing more valuable to us than the questions and concerns of our customers. We try to hold to a 24-Hour response time to all inquiries however big or small. We have many different outlets to contact us, these being: website, email, social media & telephone.

Ink-Dot Approved

The Ink Dot is the stamp of the highest quality wood bat. Bats that feature the Ink Dot signify that they are in the Top 3 percent of wood from the harvest and they satisfy the strict slope of grain requirements by Major League Baseball. Indicating that your bat is big league quality and approved. All MLB Regulated Maple and Birch bats carry this seal of approval. Due to its clearly defined grain structure, Ash bats are not subject to the Ink Dot test to be eligible for use by MLB.

Family Owned & Made in USA

Founded/Owned & Manufactured in the great state of Georgia. Odin Lumber prides itself on being made in the USA. With baseball widely known as “America’s Past-Time”, it is important to us at Odin Lumber to keep, teach and honor the core values that baseball teaches us.

About Us

Odin Lumber is a family-owned and operated company, established in January of 2020 and located in the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia. Odin Lumber prides itself on being a small town, community rooted business. A company that all started from a simple vision, with even bigger dreams. A company built from unconditional love for the game of baseball and woodworking together. The Odin Lumber Family stems from a long family lineage of woodcraftsmen dating back countless generations.

Odin Lumber Company was born in January 2020 in a cramped two-car garage down in the heart of South Georgia. At Odin Lumber Company, we truly believe that the bat you choose to swing should be constructed to meet your expectations in every way. We pride ourselves on bringing you an elite, durable and professional product at every level of play that baseball has to offer. While our values and tradition to the game of baseball remain true, we also welcome the creativity and evolution that baseball continues to display.

Reliability, durability and performance are everything a player can hope to find in the construction of a professional wood baseball bat. These just so happen to be some of the core values that Odin Lumber tries its best to uphold in all aspect of business. Odin Lumber can be relied upon to meet your every need and stack up with the best products on the market. Odin Lumber prides itself on its durability and honors that promise with its 30-Day Bat Warranty Program. But not only is the product the most durable on the market, the company is as well. Founded in 2020, just before Covid-19 hit the economy, Odin Lumber has had hurdles to conquer from the start. Battle tested from day one; Odin Lumber, like their products, can be depended on to preform & exceed expectations.

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